Indeed, Buckhead in Atlanta has been listed

Indeed, Buckhead in Atlanta has been listed as one of the top ten most affluent cities in the whole of the US, and those who have already invested in an Atlanta condo have found themselves at the very heart of one of the most vibrant and fast changing cities in the country. These are aspects worth bearing in mind, although for the majority of potential residents, these dont present much of an issue.

But Atlanta has managed to hold on to two essential things which have helped it to embody the ideal of a community spirit. Certainly Atlanta represents the same lifestyle as that looked for by most condo owners it holds southern charm, whilst embodying the thriving hum of city life, with more shopping areas, leisure and social events and locations, bars, restaurants and theatres than you could possibly want.

One of the hottest areas for Atlanta condos is the Midtown area, between Downtown and Buckhead, and is a thriving hotbed of culture and art, with more museums, galleries and theatres than you can expect to find anywhere, and for those seeking a life of culture, class and chic, then the condo opportunities here are ideal.

The advantages of buying a condo include the fact that, whilst you own your own living space outright, you have shared facilities which are usually maintained by a trust, and this includes the extra level of security which you can expect, in addition to any other facilities, such as pools, parks or other leisure areas.

If you are considering purchasing one of the many Atlanta condos currently on the market, there are one or two aspects that you will need to be aware of. With gyms, pools and this community spirit, it is no wonder that they represent a lifestyle which is very much in tune with the vibrancy of this city. Firstly, there are often restrictions on pets, since many areas of the property are communal, such as corridors, landings and so forth, and there are sometimes restrictions on internal decoration, where it can be visible from the outside. Whichever type you choose, youre sure to be only a stones throw away from a vast selection of bars, clubs and restaurants in the area.The idea of Atlanta condos is one which holds enormous appeal for those who are in tune with the vibrant beat of a city which is not only very much alive but becoming more vibrant and appealing every day, with billions of dollars worth of investment making sure that life in Atlanta is exciting, social, fun, modern and affluent. Many condos are built specifically to look over these parks, providing tremendous views.
. The first is its long tradition and history, with beautiful old buildings harking back to the Victorian days and its roots as a railroad town, and the second is its many parks, including Piedmont Park, which spans many hundreds of acres, and with their lakes, tennis courts, arenas and grassy areas, they form the Deep Groove Ball Bearing heart of the community, around which the busy arteries of city life beat with the regular rhythm of a city very much living in the 21st century. Not only this, but also of course it is very often the case that condos are situated in the very heart of the city, and the Buckhead developments, as well as both the midtown and downtown areas boast a substantial number of high rise condominium blocks, many of which have been developed quite recently to cater for the growing demand.

Atlanta itself is extraordinarily well laid out, with huge park areas dominating the living spaces, and providing yet more opportunities to generate the community ethos for which Atlanta is so well known. Indeed, the very skyline of Atlanta is one dominated by architectural splendour, and is home to many very well known buildings, including the Bank of America, the IBM headquarters and the AT&T Tower.

The condos which are available in Atlanta vary widely, from the traditional buildings that have been internally converted from the older Victorian buildings and offices, to the newer, purpose built glass and steel structures which stand tall amongst the surroundings.

Atlanta condos tend to be referred to as condo communities, since they are frequently very friendly, bringing together like minded people, including the up and coming trend setters, the young students and professionals, and those still pursuing life in the fast lane. For those looking for a traditional lifestyle, the older buildings tend to offer this established style, sophistication and charm, although the newer buildings tend to offer more in the way of extra facilities, such as state of the art gyms, shopping facilities and even restaurants and bars.

It is of no surprise, therefore, that the market for Atlanta condos is booming, so much so that it is home to more condos than many other US cities, and is often referred to as the home of the condo.