Too high, and you may get problems

Too high, and you may get problems with the attachment of your Achilles tendon attachment. The end of the sole/shank should be just short of the end of the heel. Check the amount of satin at the back of the heel. If you have very short toes, you may need to pad up inside the box of the shoe to get a nice line of the shoe, and a correctly fitting box.

F) It is important to check the fit of the shoe in an upright position before putting any weight on it. As long as the box is sitting square and the foot is in good alignment, it should be ok. Press down slightly to check the fit of the box. If they are too long, it may be hard to work properly through the demi-pointe. If it is too sort for long toes however, you will feel like you are falling out of the front of the shoe. Place the foot back en pointe, and check where the sole finishes. If they are too short the top of the wings will cut in and give an unsightly line to the toe of the shoe. The fitter can look at how the shoe looks from the outside, but only you can feel what is going on inside. The wings should come up to the side of the big toe joint. Make sure your toes are pointed long in the shoe and that there are no areas of severe pressure on any toe.

A) Check the fit of the box The foot should fit snugly in standing; with the toes not too squashed in (They should be able to lie flat). There should be no bulging of the skin over the top edge of the shoe in standing.

If possible, ask your teacher to come with you the first time you get your pointe shoes fitted, so that they can check the fit. If they are too short, the box will pull the big toe in on an angle and may cause a bunion to form. If you get them dirty by wearing them around the house, they my not be able to be returned to the store, and it can get to be a very expensive exercise. Too low, and you will get frustrated with the heel of the shoe popping off when you rise.
. If the shoe is too long (as in the picture on the right), there may be bagging of the satin at the back of the shoe, as the satin is cut to cup the heel.

E) When you plie in a wide seconde position, the foot is at its longest and widest, so it is important to check that there is enough room in the shoe for your foot while dancing. This results in the back of the shoe often poping off when rising from demi to full pointe and can be very annoying.
Always try the shoe on with any Miniature Ball Bearing Suppliers padding or Ouch Pouches that you will wear while dancing, and check the shoe in each of the following positions. Hold onto the back of a stable chair or bench, and place one foot en pointe. Place the tip of one shoe on the floor, with your weight on the other foot. Your toes should stay long in the shoe, and just touch the end of the shoe at the depth of your plie. You can flatten the box slightly, but it will also alter the width. Isolated areas of pressure may be solved by use of specific padding in the shoe, but should be avoided with a good fit if at all possible.

Once you have a good fit, you may try weight-bearing through the shoe by stepping up onto pointe. Often twisting of the shoe is due to the shank not conforming to the shape of the arch and can be remedied by breaking in the heel of the shoe before wearing. Make sure that both the big and little toe knuckle joints are supported by the wings.

H) Look to see that the shank sits in line with the sole of the foot when the foot is en pointe. The satin of the heel should come 7/8 of the way up your heel bone. There are many sites online that can help you with this.

C) Check the position of the heel of the shoe. The fitters in various stores can range from exceptional to very average, so it is a good idea to get a name of a good fitter on the recommendation of someone you trust. If the top of the foot is bulging out, the box is too small. This is often very confusing for first time buyers, so if at all possible get your dance teacher, or an experienced dancer to go along to the fitting with you. Try to learn the names for different parts of the shoe before you head to the store for the first time.All brands make several different shapes and styles of pointe shoes, which are designed for different people and different uses. The top of the box should sit against the skin of the top of your foot. You should be able to slide the tip of your finger in to the shoe over your toes, just.

While the person who fits your shoe should check all of the following things, it is good to know what to look for, and to feel, yourself. That way you’ll know what the fitter is talking about if she asks “Is that vamp too high?.

Each part of the pointe shoe has a name. If the shank is too short however, the foot will tend to wobble more, and the satin will pull too low. The foot should be supported in the box, and not sink down too much.

B) Take a look at the length of the wings. Put some weight through that shoe and then bring the other foot up onto pointe. If the vamp is too long you will not be able to rise through the demi-pointe effectively. If they cannot go, always check the fit of the shoes with them with them before you sew on the ribbons, break in the shoe or dance in them.

D) Watch the length of the vamp, the front of the shoe. However, the shank may also twist on the foot if the box is too narrow, so recheck this area again. If the box is too round for a flat foot, there will be more of a space here. If the foot has slid forward in the shoe, because the shoe is too wide, there will be more satin.

G) Check the length of the shoe by peeling the satin of the shoe off the heel and folding it back under the shoe. If the shank of the shoe is twisting, check the alignment of the foot first.

Brilliant advertising I must

Brilliant advertising I must say but does it give the customer the best all round deal,once you have passed the initial showbiz hype – I doubt it. We have been doing it for over 30 years so I can only imagine we have got something right. Well we treat all customers the same whether it is a 10 million house or a 100,000 cottage.J. let me ask you this – Would you be prepared to arrange your will for example on the internet? I am sure the answer is no. Brokers if they are any good (and we are the best – I know self praise is no recommendation but I am going to say it anyway) will AUTOMATICALLY check your renewal premium EVERY YEAR so you will get the most competitive premium every year without the gimmicks. Check them out at:


IN CONCLUSION – I leave you with this thought. Insurance companies are not charities and these are just one off gimmicks to get your attention and your name on the books.

Graham Hodgson is one of the UK’s top insurance brokers and has over 30 years experience. HOWEVER – bearing in mind that insurance brokers can normally beat the premiums the direct insurers offer or at the least match it, what extra can they offer that the direct boys cannot.T. If you have you may feel like I did recently that they were going through a set procedure and it was a numbers game, they needed you through the system as quickly as possible, not the case with your local friendly optician who has time.

FACE TO FACE CONTACT – Ever called one of the direct insurers and felt that the person on the other end was reading from a script, well you would sort of be right as most call centres give their staff a set wording to go through. The number of times people have come into our office and said that in the second year the premium jumped drastically. Ask them something unusual such as a query about “excess of loss ” and you will be greeted I am sure with a rather puzzled “WHAT”. If you had a 10 million house to insure which would you be happy doing.

Insurance brokers have always been able to compete with direct insurers but rarely can they afford the gigantic advertising budget of the direct
.hodgsoninsurance. What did they expect a free cuddly toy or trip to Disneyland.

I compare the direct insurers to some of the High St opticians.Hodgson Insurance Services they thought brokers were not friendly and had no sense of humour. The reason that the public use the gimmicky national opticians is normally down to one thing THEY ARE CHEAPER. Ringing a direct insurer who will go through a set procedure and hope you dont ask too many tricky questions or require answers which are not on their screen or popping into your local insurance broker who will sit down and spend the time going through every query until he is happy that you understand fully exactly what you are covered We may have to speak to them but that is our responsibility then and not yours.

AND IN FINAL CONCLUSION – Should you be unfortunate enough to get a claim we wont put you through to the UK’s dread – The Claim Centre in INDIA. They are what insurance broking is all about. Believe me they are really nice and very educated people but Indian claim centres just DO NOT WORK.Plates up of course. I see direct business as bulk business, sort of conveyor belt technology which is fine as long as the person has understood all of your answers fully.” I know I am being a bit sarcastic there but hopefully you understand what I am saying. I think I know the answer.

MULTIPLE QUOTES – If you ring a direct insurer or company they can only quote you from the one lot of premium rates – THEIRS; but guess what brokers have caught on to this thing called technology over the years and we now use the very latest hi tech gizmo’s which allow us to check over 200 insurance schemes with LOTS OF INSURERS. If we can’t compete with or normally beat a single direct insurer then maybe we are in the wrong business. At a brokers office however you get face to face contact, normally with a person with many years experience who can answer all the tricky questions you may have. A good local insurance broker can normally get it CHEAPER than the direct insurer. You may have experienced them. I would just mention that there is one difference between local insurance brokers and local opticians (apart from the obvious one that we make far less money than them). The local insurance broker is the same,you can sit down face to face and he has the time (and Wheel Hub hopefully the experience) to answer all your little queries like “if I have a barbeque in the garage because it is raining, am I covered by fire” or my son has not passed his test but can he drive me home from the pub when I am way over the limit as long as I am sat beside him – providing he has his L. The one thing that most of their customers say is that before they did business with his company G. Brokers are personal (and sometimes friendly).Ask anyone who has a TV if they know what the little red phone or the dog who everybody loves (uugh) are advertising and they will tell you – INSURANCE. Well I believe that an insurance document is of similar importance and can have similar serious consequences if not done properly

BEWARE OF SPECIAL DEALS – You know what I mean ” We guarantee to beat your premium by 10″ or 15 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers”. That is where we differ.

Indeed, Buckhead in Atlanta has been listed

Indeed, Buckhead in Atlanta has been listed as one of the top ten most affluent cities in the whole of the US, and those who have already invested in an Atlanta condo have found themselves at the very heart of one of the most vibrant and fast changing cities in the country. These are aspects worth bearing in mind, although for the majority of potential residents, these dont present much of an issue.

But Atlanta has managed to hold on to two essential things which have helped it to embody the ideal of a community spirit. Certainly Atlanta represents the same lifestyle as that looked for by most condo owners it holds southern charm, whilst embodying the thriving hum of city life, with more shopping areas, leisure and social events and locations, bars, restaurants and theatres than you could possibly want.

One of the hottest areas for Atlanta condos is the Midtown area, between Downtown and Buckhead, and is a thriving hotbed of culture and art, with more museums, galleries and theatres than you can expect to find anywhere, and for those seeking a life of culture, class and chic, then the condo opportunities here are ideal.

The advantages of buying a condo include the fact that, whilst you own your own living space outright, you have shared facilities which are usually maintained by a trust, and this includes the extra level of security which you can expect, in addition to any other facilities, such as pools, parks or other leisure areas.

If you are considering purchasing one of the many Atlanta condos currently on the market, there are one or two aspects that you will need to be aware of. With gyms, pools and this community spirit, it is no wonder that they represent a lifestyle which is very much in tune with the vibrancy of this city. Firstly, there are often restrictions on pets, since many areas of the property are communal, such as corridors, landings and so forth, and there are sometimes restrictions on internal decoration, where it can be visible from the outside. Whichever type you choose, youre sure to be only a stones throw away from a vast selection of bars, clubs and restaurants in the area.The idea of Atlanta condos is one which holds enormous appeal for those who are in tune with the vibrant beat of a city which is not only very much alive but becoming more vibrant and appealing every day, with billions of dollars worth of investment making sure that life in Atlanta is exciting, social, fun, modern and affluent. Many condos are built specifically to look over these parks, providing tremendous views.
. The first is its long tradition and history, with beautiful old buildings harking back to the Victorian days and its roots as a railroad town, and the second is its many parks, including Piedmont Park, which spans many hundreds of acres, and with their lakes, tennis courts, arenas and grassy areas, they form the Deep Groove Ball Bearing heart of the community, around which the busy arteries of city life beat with the regular rhythm of a city very much living in the 21st century. Not only this, but also of course it is very often the case that condos are situated in the very heart of the city, and the Buckhead developments, as well as both the midtown and downtown areas boast a substantial number of high rise condominium blocks, many of which have been developed quite recently to cater for the growing demand.

Atlanta itself is extraordinarily well laid out, with huge park areas dominating the living spaces, and providing yet more opportunities to generate the community ethos for which Atlanta is so well known. Indeed, the very skyline of Atlanta is one dominated by architectural splendour, and is home to many very well known buildings, including the Bank of America, the IBM headquarters and the AT&T Tower.

The condos which are available in Atlanta vary widely, from the traditional buildings that have been internally converted from the older Victorian buildings and offices, to the newer, purpose built glass and steel structures which stand tall amongst the surroundings.

Atlanta condos tend to be referred to as condo communities, since they are frequently very friendly, bringing together like minded people, including the up and coming trend setters, the young students and professionals, and those still pursuing life in the fast lane. For those looking for a traditional lifestyle, the older buildings tend to offer this established style, sophistication and charm, although the newer buildings tend to offer more in the way of extra facilities, such as state of the art gyms, shopping facilities and even restaurants and bars.

It is of no surprise, therefore, that the market for Atlanta condos is booming, so much so that it is home to more condos than many other US cities, and is often referred to as the home of the condo.

The dial, which is also rounded rectangular

The dial, which is also rounded rectangular, features raised diamond-accented hour markers (including the numbers 6 and 12), date window, three sub dials, and luminous Tritnite hour, minute, and sub dial hands all on a rose-tone dial.

Movado Gold-Tone Circle Design Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The distinguishing feature on this wristwatch is the stainless steel Ceramic Bearing bracelet, which comes in a dainty gold-tone circle design. The silver-tone stainless steel case (which matches the bracelet) is topped by a breathtaking diamond-adorned bezel.Youre struggling with a gift idea for that special lady in your life.

Gucci Brown Rubber Strap Watch

This watch is easily identified by the wide brown rubber strap bearing the famous Gucci logo. Shell love her thoughtful gift and think of you every time she puts it on!

. There are also diamond accents on the bracelet as well.

Technomarine Neoclassic Diamond Swiss Quartz Chronograph Bracelet Watch

This timepiece represents the ideal blend of sportiness and sophistication.

Tag Heuer Mother-of-Pearl Dial & Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The light blue mother-of-pearl dial is both lovely and eye-catching. The rounded rectangular stainless steel case and matching bezel are constructed of 18-carat rose gold-plating, as are the push-pull crown and two function pushers on the side of the watch.

Invicta Lupah Revolution Swiss Chronograph Diamond Accent Leather Strap Watch

The white or black leather strap attaches with a gold-plated buckle etched with the Invicta logo. On the radiant black or white mother-of-pearl dial, silver tone Roman numerals on the outer edge match the seconds hand as well as the luminous hour and minute hands. The partially-ribbed white dial is simply adorned with gold-tone hands and index markers plus a date window. The strap is presented in green genuine alligator. It also showcases luminous white index markers and matching hour and minute hands. The white round mother-of-pearl dial also features diamond hour markers, three chronograph sub dials, a date window, and luminous hour and minute hands and a chronograph hand all in silver-tone. The wide silver-tone stainless steel bracelet features pretty round rhinestones all along its length.

But a beautiful wristwatch strikes the perfect balance between beauty and usefulness.

Bulova Quartz Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The watch begins with a gold-tone stainless steel bracelet and matching round case.

Dolce & Gabbana Queen Mary Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

This timepiece doubles as a signature accessory which is versatile and aesthetically-pleasing. But what make this watch unique are the hundreds of dazzling crystals set throughout the bracelet links and around the bezel. The dial itself is detailed with a tachymeter and minute markings with numerals every five minutes; as well as three sub dials, silver tone minute and hour hands, and a black seconds hand and matching sub dial hands. The white or black round case and the bracelet are both made of contemporary ceramic, while the screw down crown is capped by a smooth cabochon. The round silver-tone stainless steel case coordinates beautifully with the bracelet.

You cant go wrong with a wristwatch that is fashionable, durable, and timeless. You dont want to get her something too practical (like a vacuum cleaner), but you also dont think shell appreciate a present thats completely superfluous (like a set of Russian nesting dolls). Here are some examples of first-rate womens watches to choose from. The rose-tone or silver-tone rectangular stainless steel case is attached to a genuine leather strap in white, brown, or gray with purple contrast stitching. And the brown dial with white hour and minute hands is surrounded by sparkling gemstones. It features quirky black, rose-tone, or multi-colored numerals at all hour positions, metallic luminous sword-shaped minute and hour hands, and a matching squiggle seconds hand as well as a date window. The oval silver-tone stainless steel case has six screw accents. This watch features a striking silver-tone dial with black hour and minute hands and matching Roman numerals.

Swiss Legend Karamica 1ct Diamond Ceramic Watch

She will turn heads thanks to the 116 shimmering round diamonds on the unidirectional rotating bezel. The small rectangular black or white dial with silver-tone hands is protected by a silver-tone stainless steel case. The round black stainless steel case supports a silver-tone bezel with capsule accents.

Ritmo Mundo Piccolo Data Stainless Steel Leather Strap Watch

The stunning rectangular dial is available in brown, purple mother-of-pearl, or white mother-of-pearl.

Tissot Pink Rubber Strap Watch

The first thing you will notice about this fun and stylish watch is the bright pink rubber strap which matches the round dial. The bracelet is also stainless steel. The matching case surrounds the recognizable Movado black dial with gold-tone minute and hour hands and gold dot at the 12:00 position. The thin round silver-tone stainless steel case matches the back, which sports the Renato logo.

Renato Lady Crystal Topaz Swiss Quartz Alligator Strap Watch

This chic and trendy watch is highlighted by 246 orange, green, and yellow topaz gemstones all over the dial. The silver-tone stainless steel case is covered by a matching bezel with numerals and index markers.

Cartier Silver-Tone Dial & Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

You cant go wrong with a timepiece with the Cartier name on it.

Or in more convivial terms

Or in more convivial terms: suffering from winter blues. In our bodies, light functions to stop the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, making us wake up.
. However, by exposing yourself (or your eyes more specifically) to natural light for as long as possible during the day bearing in mind were only witnessing approximately seven to eight hours of daylight at the moment it will go some way in reigniting your dampened mental state. If one isnt sleeping well or is generally exhausted and low, one doesnt want to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to appreciate the morning illuminations.)

Ok, thats enough of feeling sorry for ourselves. The days may be dark, but there is light at the end of our subconscious tunnel. Its thought that SAD sufferers are affected by shorter daylight hours in the winter. According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in 100 Britons suffer from seasonal depression and many more generally feel, well, low. Popular examples include Belbin Team Roles and the Strength Deployment Inventory, continues Tom.

So officially we dont need to run a marathon or climb Kilimanjaro to snap out of our low spirits; a short but exhilarating burst of activity during your working day will stimulate the mind, body and soul.

When we encounter stress, conflict or depression, those around us may see a change in our behaviour, says Tom Vaughton, Co Founder of Fresh Tracks, who provides tailored team development and team building programmes to organisations throughout the UK. We collectively share our New Years resolutions of improved diets and health regimes, but know deep inside that they may never materialise. MIND also suggests that a 60 minute walk everyday in an open environment is an effective and enjoyable way to beat the winter blues.

We all have a healthy list of unofficial reasons for this national downer, but an official explanation central to this collective feeling is Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD as its more aptly recognised.

So, getting outside, filling your lungs with fresh air and laughter and brushing away those oppressive cob webs with your fellow colleagues could well be the natural antidote to winter blues this year. There are questionnaires that can help to identify how, why and importantly when our behaviour can alter.

This theory certainly goes against the true SAD sufferer. However, exercise as much as we can loathe it is an ally when fighting the seasonal battle.

Theres convincing evidence that 30 minutes vigorous exercise three times a week is effective against depression, and anecdotal evidence that lighter exercise will have a beneficial effect too, says Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation. They produce higher melatonin, causing lethargy and symptoms of depression. In a team a change in behaviour like this can upset the balance and lower morale across the group. January is the month of mental and physical rehabilitation caused by festive excessiveness, the days never really detach themselves from night and pretty much everyone is depressed.

If youre suffering from SAD see your GP for more advice. Daily exertion is said to increase the level of the mood regulating chemical serotonin in the brain, in turn encouraging you to interact with your colleagues more and imparting a positive outlook to your day.

Hands up if youre currently experiencing spells of lethargy, cravings for sweet things and disruptive sleep? Yes? The good news is youre not what the Mental Health Foundation would classify as fully depressed; however, you are certainly a member of the winter blues society, which has over 500,000 representatives in the UK. Virtuous exercise and upgraded diet all helps, but you need to think about the bigger picture when brining your team together.

In a team a change in behaviour like this can upset the balance and lower morale China Bearing Manufacturers across the group. There are questionnaires that can help to identify how, why and importantly when our behaviour can alter. (For the record this is not a certified group, but I thought the comfort of being part of a large statistic would help you with accepting the diagnosis some what. Some people become more introverted and analytical; others might suddenly appear more demanding while a third group will go from being hard working and productive to disinterested and lazy. Nor is it recommended we prescribe uplifting drugs to our daily routines in order to shift our mood, but there are more natural ways to combat the blues.
Or as Mahatma Gandhi so incisively put it: A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes

See how Fresh Tracks Belbin Team Roles can unite your personnel and help beat those winter blues. If youre fortunate enough to live in rural surroundings, the countryside is also a great remedy for cleansing the mind. Unfortunately we cant speed the seasons up and entice spring to wake from its slumber.

With SAD, one theory is that light entering the eye causes changes in hormone levels in the body, says Alison Kerry, from the mental health charity MIND.

The office is often the nucleus of melancholy in the New Year, with colleagues equipped with sniffles, complaints and masks of sorrow this doesnt necessarily help with you overcoming your own winter blues. Now is the perfect time to relocate to the nearest window in your office to take in as much natural light as possible. Popular examples include Belbin Team Roles and the Strength Deployment Inventory. The mind is a powerful entity and is certainly the puppeteer when controlling our emotions and mood we just need to take the reigns more often. As an employer in particular, happy personnel are central to seeing your business also get through the blues and not allowing productivity to dip.Yes, its that time of the year again. If you have a tendency towards SAD, outdoor exercise will be have a double benefit, because youll gain some daylight.

Regular exercise is great for personal revival, but what if a group is suffering from winter blues? You will need to think of ways to improve morale and mood with your friends and colleagues and not suffer in silence.

The next step

The next step is to gently spin the wheel in the balancer. So, if you take good care of quality tires, they will last a long time.You may require the services of an expert since improper alignment may cause Miniature Ball Bearing Suppliers some considerable damages, but if you understand cars and have the basic equipment, you can do tire balance in just a few minutes..

Get rid of any previous wheels weights that are present on the wheel, since they pose a great challenge when it comes to wheel balancing.Therefore, when it comes to making your auto last longer, a little maintenance goes a long way. Let go of the wheel but if it rolls clockwise to place the weighted position on the bottom, then that means you have added too much weight. For instance, knowing the importance of tire balancing.Finally, to ensure that Inch size ball bearing the wheel stays in position, secure it with duct tape or any other similar adhesives.

When tires are not properly balanced they cause stress on the bearings, shocks and other parts of the wheel assembly. In the event that it rolls to the top, then that is enough weight added. Then place the wheel and the tire on the balancer by way of inserting the shaft through the wheel hub and leaving it in place, bearing in mind that the wheel has to be centered on the balancer.Slightly move the wheels to a 3 o’clock position.

This will in turn counter the imbalance of the tire. During this procedure you will notice that the heaviest part of the wheel is being drawn to the bottom and the lighter part on the top. To complete this process attach the wheel weights, adhesive side first to the area of the wheel that was marked just below the spot. Give it time to settle in position, and then place a mark on the lightest part of the tire. When you need to balance your tires, always select quality brands to ensure the maintenance is low key.However, that does not mean that it cannot be done. You will then need to remount the wheel to the car, ensuring that the lug nuts are secure. Tire manufacturers are many, and among them, Dick Cepek tires which are built from the finest materials are a trusted brand. You could repeat the process just to ensure that you placed the right mark in the right place. Dick Cepek tires are a good example of some of the best tires in the market, and the beauty is that they are available in a wide variety of sizes, which is perfect for any tire assembly. Keeping your auto well maintained can sometimes be very difficult especially if you are a first time car owner, and you do not understand what it takes to keep your auto running efficiently. You may continue adding and subtracting weights until you attain the required balance, which should be at 3 o’clock position. Below are some of the steps you need to keep in mind during the process. Balanced tires are very important for safe driving.